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Yes! We offer shadowing and volunteering opportunities. Please send us a note or call us at (316) 618-1252 for information.

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Shadowing-Volunteering Exchange Policy

TheraPlay Spot is in the business of providing high-quality occupational and physical therapy to children with additional needs. Many OT and PT students, or even students considering OT or PT as a potential field of study, request to shadow our therapists during treatment sessions. This takes up significant additional time on the therapist’s part because they are answering the students’ questions and helping the students pursue their passion with their upcoming therapy careers.

As a way to create a win-win exchange of time, TheraPlay Spot requests that the student who shadows also volunteers at a 1:1 rate. That is, for each hour spent shadowing a therapist, an hour is also spent volunteering either for the supervising therapist or elsewhere in the clinic. We are happy to give full credit for all hours spent at the clinic as required by a student’s school since all of the hours will be relevant to therapy practice.

Volunteer duties could include anything from helping therapists with setup of equipment, helping therapists prepare for a treatment activity, wipe-down of mats and/or equipment, cleanup of messes created during therapy sessions, de-cluttering of treatment areas, or possibly other miscellaneous tasks that are in alignment with the student’s personal skill set. For example, for the student who has excellent computer skills, we can come up with a job for that. For the student who is skilled with organizing, we have a job for that. Does the student know how to sew? We have a job for that. If the student is artistic, we have a job for that, too.

TheraPlay Spot appreciates this mutually beneficial relationship.

Kris Dickinson, M.S., OTR/L
TheraPlay Spot Owner

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