Our Team

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Meet the TheraPlayers

Kris Dickinson, M.S., OTR/L Owner, Occupational Therapist

Originally from Wichita, Kris got her bachelor's from KU and her master's in OT from Western Michigan University in 1993. After many years of being away from Kansas, she returned to Wichita and soon after opened TheraPlay Spot in June 2012. When she started TheraPlay Spot as a one-therapist practice with 10 children working in a charming little house, she could have never imagined that TheraPlay Spot would help over 1700 children in 8 years! She still enjoys treating by covering occasionally for other therapists and training new therapists. She is humbled by the responsibility of her evolving leadership role and is grateful for each of the TheraPlayers—both past and present—who have played a critical role in the dynamic growth of the company.

Creating a playful and productive work culture with a close-knit team is her daily passion and goal so that everyone can help children succeed.


Our Occupational Therapists


Lori Gore

OT/L Lead Therapist

Lori became our Lead Therapist in November 2020. She has over 20 years of occupational therapy experience with people of all ages. Prior to starting at TheraPlay Spot, she confessed that she's wanted to make the jump to pediatrics for years.


Brandee Young


Brandee joined us in April 2016 and has been an OTR since graduating from Newman in 1997. She has extensive training in reflex integration, including both the MNRI and RMT programs. One of the reasons why she went into this field is to help people in all stages and aspects of life. "I enjoy working at TheraPlay Spot because it allows me to fill-in-the-gap for children who do not qualify for school therapy, or need additional support. I am able to be in better touch with the parents, be a link in the chain of hope and progress." She likes spending time with family and being involved as a parent in her children's activities.


Katherine Stump


Katherine joined the TheraPlayers in July 2019 because she loves helping kids improve the little skills that make a BIG difference in their lives! WE are excited that she joined our family and is able to follow her dreams. Katherine graduated from Missouri State University after attending Wichita State. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on walks, and shopping!


Sarah Rivers


Sarah joined TPS in April 2020. She has been an occupational therapist since graduating from Newman in 2005. Sarah has worked with all ages, from infants and toddlers to adults. Her therapy interests include feeding, sensory processing, and motor skills. Sarah enjoys seeing the children and families she works with make progress and being a small part of their story! At TPS, she likes working with a varied team. When not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and three girls. She enjoys reading, baking, and volunteering in her girls' classrooms, at church, or with the Down Syndrome Society of Wichita.


Dusty Cox


Dusty graduated from Brenau University in Gainesville, GA. She has been an OT for 18 years and has worked with children ages birth to 21 with varying diagnoses. She provided OT services through Babies Can't Wait in GA (Early Intervention Program), Missouri First Steps, Playabilities for Sensational Kids, and a variety of school districts in the state of Missouri. Due to COVID-19 plus living 3 hours away from Wichita, Dusty was hired as TheraPlay Spot's first telehealth-only OT in June 2020. "I love working for TheraPlay Spot because it is a wonderful atmosphere and the staff and therapist see every child's potential." We just wish she lived closer and could work onsite!


Amber Schwind


Amber became a TheraPlayer in February 2016. She has been in this field for 14 years and received her COTA degree from Barton County Community College. She helped care for her grandmother after a stroke and was able to witness firsthand the difference an OT can make. Her hobbies include attending her 4 daughters' sporting/theatre/musical events and photography.


Paige Jordan


Paige joined the TheraPlayer Team in June 2018. She loves kids and being able to see them learn, grow and overcome obstacles! She went to Newman University where she graduated. She has been in the field for 7 years. When she isn't here with us, she enjoys gardening, traveling, playing sports, and spending time with her son. She is a wonderful addition to our team!


Katie Leigh Wieser


Katie became a TheraPlayer in August 2019. She went to school at Casper College in Casper, WY and grew up in Sidney, NE. She worked at Sidney Regional Medical Center as an occupational therapy assistant before moving to Wichita. "I work at TPS because I absolutely love working with children and their families. I feel that my purpose is to help make a difference in whatever struggles they may be facing so that our children are more independent and successful human beings!" When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, watching Husker football (Go Big Red!), and going on walks with her fur-baby, Leo.


Allie Buchanan


Allie joined TPS in July 2020 as an occupational therapy assistant. She graduated from Newman University. Her history working with children and parents in a more administrative setting made her want to have more direct involvement in their care. Working in the pediatric setting not only involves the kids, but their entire families, and having the privilege to advocate for them and encourage them is such a joy. In her free time, Allie likes to craft, run, and hang out with her friends.


Brooke Lachenmayr


Brooke chose TheraPlay Spot as her first occupational therapy job in October 2020. She is a graduate of Washburn University and brings a personalized approach to each child. "I have a passion for working with children and their families to maximize the child's greatest potential." She is passionate about helping our kids and has made quite a positive impression on both staff and families alike. When she's not at work, Brooke enjoys spending time working with her horse and watching WSU basketball.

Our Physical Therapists


Andrea Veenis


Andrea has been a pediatric PT since 1987 when she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. She joined TheraPlay Spot in 2015 and has extensive pediatric experience working in acute care, NICU, schools, home visits, and outpatient. When not at work, she enjoys time with her husband, family, and dogs. She also enjoys running, yoga, reading, or volunteering with Family Promise.


Katie Noller


Katie joined the TheraPlayers in January 2016. She has been a PT for over 40 years. She went into this field to help assist people with handicaps, disabilities or injuries become as successful as possible in life and develop their physical capabilities to the utmost. Her hobbies include gardening, yoga, scrapbooking, and mentoring single women with children in Project Fresh Hope.


Amber Teal


Amber joined our team in September of 2017. She graduated from K-State with her bachelor's and went on to WSU to get her doctorate. Amber has been a PT for the past 7 years and went into this field to give children the tools to become as independent as possible which allows them to be active participants during functional motor and play skills. Some of her hobbies include volunteering and fostering dogs for Beauties and Beasts, spending time with her husband and fur-kids.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists


Michele I. Janssens


Michele became our first speech-language pathologist in August 2019 when TheraPlay Spot added speech therapy services! Michele received a B.S. from Kansas State University and an M.S. from Arizona State University and has been in this field since 1996. She knew she wanted to become an SLP after her grandfather had a stroke when she was 12 years old. Michele enjoys acting for local theaters and spending time with her husband, two children, and 11 pet children and grand-pets.


Britni Paul


Britni joined TPS in January 2020. She works with children who have delays with articulation, expressive and receptive language, alternative communication devices, and also has been trained to work on feeding issues. She went to school at the University of Nebraska Kearney. Her first four years as an SLP were working in the schools in Indiana before joining TPS. She loves working with kids and is passionate about giving them a way to communicate. When not at work, she loves spending time with her husband, two dogs, family, playing tennis, or cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs!


Kim Baldwin


Kim joined TheraPlay Spot in July of 2020, meaning she still fairly new, but a "seasoned" speech-language pathologist. She was with the Wichita Public Schools for many years. She loves working with kids! In addition to her speech and language therapy duties with the school district, she was one of the assistive technology and augmentative communication specialists for many years. Just in case she wasn't busy enough, she taught graduate classes at Southwestern College in the special education teaching department. She came to work at TheraPlay Spot to work with children again. When not working, she has two grown children who are now two of her best friends. She also loves animals; she has two dogs and grand-puppies and grand-cats to spoil, too.


Tamara Siebert


Tamara is new to TPS in October 2020 and is excited to be a part of such a dynamic group of individuals providing speech and language therapy. She graduated from Wichita State University and has provided therapy needs for all ages since 2006. She loves the partnership with TPS because of the giving and helpful nature of all the therapists and owners. She is a big advocate of community and helping people maintain their independence as long as possible and grow to their individual potential. So, in her spare time outside of family activities, she volunteers with the Multicultural Learning Center.

Our Office and Admin Staff


Karli Johnson

Front Office Manager

Karli joined our team in November 2020. She has a background in administrative roles in the skilled home care setting. She quickly adapted to the role of our front office manager and has been a positive support for the TheraPlayers. Outside of TheraPlay, she enjoys spending time with her family traveling, being active, and playing with their Goldendoodle, Champ. You can also catch her mat side or on the sideline cheering on her kiddos.


Renee Blaes

Director of First Impressions and Front Office Coordinator

Renee joined us in May 2016. She has joyfully earned her other title of director of first impressions! Prior to joining our team, she was a Special Ed. para and job coach and worked in both elementary and high schools. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, and traveling. When not at TheraPlay Spot, you will likely find her spending time with her 9 grandchildren, family, or her dog and cats!


Christie Crabtree

Front Office Coordinator and Client Advocate

Christie joined TPS in June 2020 and previously worked with people in addiction. She says she absolutely LOVES every single child she meets at TheraPlay Spot. "They put a huge smile on my face and any child that I can help get services or to even put a smile on their face it is so fulfilling!" She is a wife and a mother of 4 children. When she's not at work, she loves spending time with her children and family, going to church, fishing, and being outdoors with her doggies.


Mindi Engel

Front Office Coordinator and Volunteer and Shadowing Coordinator

Mindi started as a WSU intern at TheraPlay Spot in June 2020 and we liked her so much that we offered her a full-time position in the office in September 2020. She has worked as a childcare provider, pharmacy technician, nanny, and in the frame shop at Hobby Lobby. She loves working with children, reading books, and snuggling with cats. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing games together, and sharing life. She will graduate in Dec. 2020 with her bachelor's degree in exercise science from WSU and is looking forward to graduate school in the future (hopefully in 2021) to become a pediatric occupational therapist.


Beth Liddy

Billing and Accounts Specialist

Beth joined the TheraPlayer team in January 2021 as our medical billing and accounts specialist. She has many years of related billing experience in the counseling world and now joins the pediatric therapy world. She is able to navigate the complex and, at times frustrating, world of billing insurance and fighting denials. As an advocate for our children, she will help parents maximize their insurance benefits. She loves spending quality time with her family and grandchildren. She also enjoys reading, taking walks, and caring for her 3 fur babies.


Becky Deschene

Cleaning Diva

Becky started very part-time, when we were much smaller, in November 2015 helping us stay clean and organized. Over the past 5 years, her hours have doubled and she notices how much we have grown by the ever-increasing need to order toilet paper! Ask any member of the TheraPlayer team, and they will tell you that Becky has the most generous and kind heart, and it's a common occurrence for her to leave thoughtful and unexpected surprises for people. She is appreciated beyond measure. Her job is unfortunately one that goes unnoticed if it's done well, and very much noticed during the rare times she has had to miss a time or two. This means that she does her job quite well, especially with all of the extra pandemic sanitizing she does!


David Dickinson

Facilities Manager and Chief Solutions Officer (CSO)

Since we moved into the large clinic in November 2015, David has spent most days around the clinic in his overalls while making dramatic changes and improvements to the building. He has had various roles, including interim office manager, HR manager, and bookkeeper. He brings to the table years of expertise from being both a small business owner and an efficiency expert in the engineering world. He continues to wear many hats, including maintenance guy, computer repairman, IT dude, construction worker, electrician, carpenter, painter, plumber, carpet cleaner, dog walker, equipment purchaser, leaf blower, snow shoveler, landlord to the Office Spots tenants, and confidant (and loving husband) to the owner.



Therapy Doggie in (Perpetual) Training

Heidi is a mini Australian shepherd and joined the TheraPlayer team when she was a wee pup in April 2016. She enjoys greeting the children, chasing balls and lasers, following people around when they have food, and stealing food out of the trash. You may have heard her full name: "Heidi Get-Out-of-the-Trash!"